The Process

The process of downsizing and getting organized begins with YOU

– making the decision to change your situation is the most important piece!

Once you pick an organizing package, the work begins. We’ll talk about your goals and come up with a plan for your things that makes sense for your lifestyle.

Whether you choose to work side-by-side with an organizer or you want us to work our magic without you, you can rest assured that nothing will leave without your permission (we adhere to a strict code of ethics)! Items that you decide to part with will be disposed of responsibly.

Remember: This is organization on your terms!


Not ready yet?

How much time are you wasting trying to get organized on your own?

Attempting to get organized on your own is challenging and tends to end up like this:

• First, you try to find the perfect day to get started. Weeks pass.

• You buy organizing books and containers hoping to get inspired. They stay in the same spot you left them when you brought them home. Months pass.

• Finally, you decide to dedicate an entire weekend to organizing. You pull everything out of every closet, cabinet and drawer. You make some decisions, but quickly become overwhelmed by the amount of stuff you have to go through. You throw everything back in. You feel defeated.

• A year later, you decide to enlist the help of a friend/family member who is organized. You pull some things out of some of the closets, cabinets and drawers. Your friend/family member doesn’t understand why you just can’t get rid of certain things. The situation gets tense. You throw everything back in. Once again, you feel defeated.

• The piles of stuff continue to grow along with your frustration. You give organizing another try. The cycle repeats itself.

You can spend year after year in this cycle or you can decide to make a change by hiring a professional.