Box 2 of 9: Fashion Revival

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This box may look small, but inside lurked a fashion revival.

Box 2 of 9

The 1990′s revival of the 1970′s to be exact. Yes, I embraced bell bottoms and wide-leg pants in all of their hippie glory!

Here’s a sampling of the goodies I found:

  • Four pairs of denim bell bottoms (the awesome pair on the right with all the buttons belonged to my sister)

Denim Bell Bottoms

  • One pair of black-and-white, wide-leg pants
  • One pair of cotton bell bottoms (also my sister’s)

Wide-leg pants

  • Two vests – one denim; one patchwork with fringes (which I don’t think I ever wore. Really.)


  • One colorful shirt I bought at a thrift store

Bow shirt

Why did I save this stuff for 17 years or so? Two reasons.

I thought they would make great Halloween costumes. And they did. One year. When they still fit.

I was also holding onto them for my daughter(s) for when the trend returns. When I was in high school, I thought it was so cool when my friends wore clothes their moms wore back when they were young. It’s only now that I realize that in order to do that, those moms were violating the cardinal rule of clothing retention: If you haven’t worn it in a year, it needs to go (but NOT into a box in the garage).

The problem with holding onto stuff for your children is that if you don’t have any, like me, you have to hold onto the stuff for a long time before they’re even old enough to decide if they want to wear your funky, button-down bell bottoms.

I would have to store those bell bottoms for at least 20 more years to get to that point. That’s not happening. So into a bag everything went. Destination: Goodwill.

If my daughter(s) ever express interest in wearing funky old clothes, I can always take them thrift-store shopping. Who knows? Maybe some my clothes will still be around.

And how random is this: In the box, I also found the crown I wore on the day of my First Communion and my candle.

First Communion crown and candle

Perhaps finding those two items is a sign that I should reconnect with my religion. That remains to be seen, but in the meantime, they are going into my box of memorabilia.

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